The Shepard’s Diet Review (Don’t BUY!)

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The Shepard's Diet ReviewWhat exactly is The Shepard’s Diet and why we do not recommend it?

If one asks what is the most important thing for the survival of a human being the answer would be good health and being fit. No matter how rich you are and how many assets you have accumulated in your whole life, if you are not fit and healthy they are all futile. The pleasure of having luxuries come only when the body is fit and free from all major diseases and illness. To maintain the decorum of the body people do a lot of things. From following a good diet plan to inculcating different forms of physical exercises and yoga in the routine, they try every possible method.

Seeing the urge of people wanting to be fit and healthy a number of diet plans floats in the market. Some diet plans work really well while some are just scams. It needs an eagle eye to know which diet plan really works and which is just a waste of time and money. It’s a fact that the internet is the hub of information. While there are a lot of educational and enlightening information, a number of confusing things float as well. When you can’t decide whether particular information is real or not you need to take a sneak peek over their reviews.

Here you will get an insight to one of the similar diet plan which claims to be very valuable and health benefiting. We will give you a detailed know-how about The Shepherd’s Diet and how it is fooling the world in the name of God. So, check this out!

The Shepard’s Diet Details:

Kristina Wilds is the creator of The Shepherd’s Diet and she proclaims it to be a total health transformation diet plan. She says that following The Shepherd’s Diet Plan one can lose all the body fat. But on the contrary, she belief on having a diet full of fat, sweet and salt for reducing the body fat. Whilst these are the major culprits for numerous health related issues. Therefore The Shepherd’s Diet sounds really contrasting. And this is the reason why it fails totally to give the desired results. It is laughable to believe that eating fatty foods will help you to get rid of your body fat. In fact, it will increase the sluggish fat around the belly and make you unappealing than before.

According to the author, The Shepherd’s Diet follows the teachings of the Bible for being fit and healthy. It concentrates the energy of a person in listening to what your body needs. It says that your body knows what it desires at the moment and you need to follow it. Well, if this is the case then my body at this time is craving for a large size pizza. Is it going to do any good for my health in any way? Of course, not. Also, The Shepherd’s Diet encourages to indulge in eating food with healthy fats to retain the calorie requirements of the body. I really don’t understand the concept of this diet plan. It is giving a direct challenge to the medically proven fact that fatty foods will increase the fat of the body.

The Shepherd’s Diet plan comes with some additional bonuses as well. These are the other reading stuff claiming to give you the insight to fat losing methods. You would get:

  • What Jesus Would Eat: Grocery Field Guide
  • “The Moses Secret” Fat Loss Protocol
  • Prayer Warrior Anti-Stress Guide
  • Fat Burning Furnace Nutrients Report

But you won’t get any workout guide with The Shepherd’s Diet which is considered as a must-have material. Workout and exercising are considered as the most important factor for decreasing the weight but you won’t get any such thing along with it which is extremely disappointing. In this century, when the men are reaching Mars it is really stupid to believe in the system which is totally based on the religious virtues and have no scientific base.


The only advantage of The Shepherd’s Diet is, it gives you an excuse to splurge on those foods which you crave but did not eat them for maintaining the fitness. If you take this plan you can fool your friends and family that eating unhealthy food could also prove to be good and get a bite or two of the same. Well, other than this I didn’t see any potential advantage of The Shepherd’s Diet.


The Shepherd’s Diet doesn’t have any scientific base. It is totally based on believing on the God’s command and following what your heart allows. It forgets that it is not about making any random decision but it is how to remain fit and healthy. And for being hale and hearty you need to listen to your mind, follow the scientific proven facts and methodology rather than listening to your heart and God’s command. The other major cons of The Shepherd’s Diet are:

  • Lack of precise knowledge about the whole diet plan. They tell you to listen to the God’s command and fill your stomach with whatever you like. But didn’t tell how to listen to the God’s command?
  • The diet plan did not work at all because it didn’t give a healthy advice for being fit. It didn’t give heed to physical exercises or workouts. According to it, all you need is to eat and wait for a miracle to make you slim which is totally impossible.

Being fit and attaining a healthy lifestyle is not a child’s play. You need to seriously look for the options which can improve your lifestyle and your health. The Shepherd’s Diet is totally rubbish and is a waste of time and money. If eating and filling the stomach with anything and everything that a person crave could him healthy then there would be no health related issues in the world. But the fact is millions of people are undergoing with serious health issues and plans like The Shepherd’s Diet fool them to another level. So beware while giving it a second thought. Think wisely and act smartly. Do not let anyone fool you on the name of God and Bible.

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